About the BNRC

About the

Belize National Research Conference

The National Institute of Culture and History, Galen University, The University of Belize, and The University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Belize are four of the primary institutions within Belize with the legal mandate to support and conduct research. These institutions recognize the importance of research and its linkages to Belize’s development. The collaboration is geared towards the promotion of research in Belize which may be applied to Belize’s economic, scientific, social and technological development. The goal of the Conference is to invite the presentation of current research on Belize which may contribute to policy formulation as well as the conceptualization of sustainable development initiatives for Belize.

The presenters in this conference are both Belizean and international researchers who through their work are contributing to Belize’s development. We are grateful to each one of them. Furthermore, the Conference is intended as an academic space where representatives from both government and non-government organizations may dialogue with each other and with the researchers on developmental challenges facing Belize.

We have considered the question of a National Research Council for Belize. The organizing committee has been conducting consultations to arrive at a model for the Council. The Council itself is intended to be the primary entity for the coordination and promotion of research aligned with Belize’s developmental strategies.


Belize National Research Council

Is it time for Belize to consider the establishment of its own National Research Council to use research as a vital instrument in national development?

The purpose of a research council of science and technology is to stimulate, rationalize and maximize our country’s research capacity, introspection which will contribute to sustained national development. An initiative of this magnitude would involve four vital partners: academia, the productive sector, government and non-government organizations.


The overall purpose of this body is serve the institutions that contributes to sustainable growth and development of Belize, institutions in the productive sector, policy makers and the general public through the coordination, rationalization and promotion of research in science and technology.
About the BNRC

Overall Goals of the Council

  • To promote pure & applied research that contributes to national development.
  • To develop a national culture of innovation and research as vital in today’s knowledge economy.
  • To develop national capacity for research related to innovation and sustained development.
  • To promote the use of research in decision making and policy development.
  • To rationalize and strengthen the effective use of available financial and technical research infrastructure.
  • To secure funding for basic and applied research from national, regional and international sources.
  • To establish accredited research standards and processes.
  • To establish partnerships through international, regional and national networking.
  • To establish a national data base of all researchers, research centres and units and research project.
  • To disseminate research through an annual conference, seminars and through a national research journal.


  • Use of research as an instrument for national development with benefits accruing to the country in general, academia, productive sector and government in particular.
  • Building national research infrastructure
  • Building national research culture: strengthening research capacity among the key partners
  • Increase accessibility to research outputs, including ‘open access’
  • Encourage and increase publications, annual research conference
  • Research-based decision making by political directorate, productive sector and academia
  • Greater coordination for increased procurement and efficient use of resources, as well as quality improvement of research outputs
  • Research networking, collaboration and capacity sharing in the research process, nationally and internationally.

BNRC Institutional Partners and Sponsors 

The Belize National Research Conference has been possible thanks to our institutional partners and corporate sponsors including: 


  • National Institute of Culture and History
  • University of Belize
  • The West Indies (UWI) Open Campus.
  • Galen University
  • Belize Tourism Board 
  • Belize Development Finance Corporation 
  • United States of America Embassy in Belize 
  • Belize Imports and Goods (BIG) 
  • Crystal Bottling Company 
  • Grace Kennedy Belize