Globalization In Belize: Weak And Strong Forces

Andrew J. Gordon, University of Houston, USA

This paper takes Belize and looks at one specific trajectory of globalization; the purposeful incursions of individuals, institutions, nations, and non-governmental organizations which seek to extend their influence across the globe, to spread their political culture and influence, perhaps to make a profit, or maybe achieve some fame. I am concerned with success and failure in globalization as a function of the cultural congruity between the sources and forces of globalization and the host culture, the local reality. Using Bullet Tree Falls and a village in Belize, as a case in point, I find the cooperative movement to be a weak force in globalization because global and local culture were so different and antagonistic. However, Evangelicalism was a strong force because it came at just the right time and there was a harmony of interests between missionaries representing a global vision of Evangelicals confronting the local culture.

Globalization, Cooperatives, Evangelicalism, Bullet Tree Falls, Belize


Vol 4 2015 Research Reports In Belizean History and Anthropology