Maya Entrepreneurship, Tourism And The Future Of Belize’s Chocolate Trail

Lyra Spang

In this paper I examine the role of Belizean Maya entrepreneurs in what the Belize Tourism Board calls Southern Belize’s “Chocolate Trails”. I describe the current state of entrepreneurship around cacao cultivation and chocolate making, the role of Belizean Maya people in these and the way tourism intersects with agriculture and cultural identity around this popular foodstuff. This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities facing Belizean Maya entrepreneurs engaging tourism through cacao and chocolate. The success of some Belizean Maya people in this sector presents a case study that may be useful for other cultural groups wanting to engage in cultural tourism activities in Belize. This paper is based on a panel discussion co-presented with Juan Cho at the Belize Archeology and Anthropology Symposium 2015.

Tourism, Cacao, Chocolate, Maya, Indigenous, Entrepreneurship, Food, Cuisine, Agri-tourism


Vol 4 2015 Research Reports In Belizean History and Anthropology