Our History, Our Pride: An Evaluation Of The African and Maya History Program at St. Johns College, Belize

Yasser Musa, Delmer Tzib, Carlos Quiroz , Lecturers, St. John’s College High School

During the school year 2013-2014, St. John’s College high school implemented the teaching of African and Maya History (AMH) and Belizean history at the first and second form levels. The program was deemed as a necessary initiative due the fact that African, Maya, and Belizean history is studied very minimally at the primary and high-school levels. The program introduced students to the study of human origins, indigenous African and Maya cultures, and historical events and processes which led to modern Belize. The objective was to implement a non-Eurocentric curriculum that would allow students to better understand and appreciate the development of Belize. This paper aims to evaluate the impact of the program during the period 2013-2014. We conducted surveys, interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic observations among the first sets of first form students who participated in the program. The results of the study demonstrates the challenges and successes of the program and provide recommendations on the teaching of history in Belize.

African History, Maya History, Indigenous, Pedagogy, High School, Belize


Vol 4 2015 Research Reports In Belizean History and Anthropology